My goal is to produce wonderfully temperamented puppies to place in loving pet homes. Puppies can leave home after 10 weeks of age to allow time for proper socialization with mom and siblings.  All puppies must be spayed or neutered by new owners by one year of age, with vet certificate sent to me to confirm.  

Pet price is $2,000 to $2,500, depending on puppy characteristics and includes the following services and treatments:
1)  AKC Registration Certificate in the new owners' names with "limited" registration, meaning that no pups produced by a dog with Limited Registration can be registered with the AKC. In this way, we try to prevent uncontrolled breeding of dogs by people who do not adhere to appropriate breeding practices (AKC registration cost $30-$63.99). 
2)  A 15-digit microchip (vet cost $25 to $50 depending on location).
3)  AKC Reunite registration of microchip for life in the new owners' names and addresses (AKC Reunite cost $15).  
4)  Two vaccinations at 6 and 10 weeks, using Nobivac's Canine 1-DAPPv (vet cost typically $25 to $50 plus visit costs).
5)  Two deworming treatments, using pyrantel pamoate at 2 and 4 weeks and using Safeguard for 3 days at 6 weeks (vet cost typically $15 to $30 plus fecal test and vet visit costs).  
6)  Two coccidiocide treatments, using Toltrazuril, at 7 and 9 weeks (vets do not give this treatment).

My dad hunted and bred Labs in Kentucky, where I was born.  I remember playing with Lab puppies and have little memory of playing with other children.  I think I always preferred dogs to humans.  They are guileless -- unlike our 2-footed friends.  In 1988, I bought 12 acres in east county San DiegoCalifornia, near Lake Jennings County Park in an area called Blossom Valley, with the goal of having lots of fur friends.  I registered my AKC kennel names while living there with the prefix of "Blossom Valley."  I now live in Riverside County in a small town called Aguanga.  I have a herd of 29 alpacas, 2 miniature horses, Labrador Retrievers, Parson Russell Terriers, (Jack) Russell Terriers, 2 pygmy goats, 5 peacocks, and an Arab mare who I used to ride.  I believe in health and genetic testing of dogs we breed to try to eliminate or minimize genetic health defects in the breed.  I generally do OFA eyes, hips and elbows.  

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